3D Content for Carpet Webstore (2014)
Realization: Alexander Kvasnicka / Client: meinechterperser.at
Interactive product previews for a carpet webshop using HDR-panoramas. The task was to come up with a way to give an online customer an idea how a certain carpted will look like in his or her room at home. So it was necessary to create a system that would automatically place hundreds of carpets from an image archive into a variety of realistically lit rooms. On top of that it was also necessary that the customers could interactively change the color and texture of sofas and switch out the type of floor in the room. In the end my employer and I ended up with a neat online configurator that combines all the necessary 3D elements for the room and the carpet based on custumer choices.
- HDR photohraphy
- HDR panorama creation
- 3D modeling
- 3D texturing
- 3D lighting
- 3D rendering
- Maya
- Mental Ray
- Photoshop
- Panorama Stitching Software
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