"Home Delivery - Animated Short by Elio Quiroga (2004)
Realization: La Huella Efectos Visuales / Client: Elio Quiroga
My responsibility was to create several 3D elements for this sinister short film that combined classical character animation with 3d backgrounds. The biggest challenge I was tasked with was to create a zombie army that is surrounding the house at the end of the short. I developed a modular system that allowed us to get a large number of zombie variations with a few clicks. Unfortunately the quality of the video is very low... so they are really hard to see. Another task was to create a cliffside according to the concept art I was given. The challenge was to get the cartoony look just right so it fitted with the rest of the style.
- 3D modeling
- 3D texturing
- Character Rigging
- Softimage 3D
- Photoshop
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