Motorpark Aerial Visualization (2017)
Disclaimer: videos and images presented on this page lack final color grading and additional post-effects. Thereforethey do not represent the quality standards held up by the client.
Realization: Alexander Kvasnicka / Client: K-Effects

This was an aerial archviz of a motorpark which will be build in Saudia Arabia on the coast of the Red Sea. The 3D data was delivered and the timing and paths of the 5 camera flights were somewhat predefined by the client as well. I had roughly 5 days to create materials and textures as well as a variety of lightning situations for the different shots. Substance Painter was a big help to create relatively big textures without repetition that had to hold for closeup shots as well as the aerial shots. Texturing the asphalt of the racetracks themselves was a bit of a challenge as the geometry was a single, flat plane. As there was no time to rebuild the tracks with spline deformed geometry (which would have been easier to texture) I had to come up with a different approach to get those typical racing lines and rubber marks. So I used the other ground layers to create a "negative" of the racetracks by utilizing a texture bake. The resulting mask showed me exactly where to draw the racing lines and where to emphasize the breake marks (see below screenshot). This was a quick-and-dirty solution to meet the customers requirements. But I was generally impressed how Redshift performed despite the numerous 4 and 8K PBR texure sets. The rendering of all five shots (about 1.500 frames @ 1080p) was completed in less than 12 hours with decent sampling and 3d motion blur.

- 3D texturing
- 3D lighting
- 3D rendering

- Maya
- Redshift Renderer
- Photoshop
- Illustrator
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