Photorealistic Product Previews for Hardwood Floors (2015)
Realization: Alexander Kvasnicka / Agency: / Client:
My job was to create photorealistic renderings of around a dozen different types of hardwood floors to use on the clients website. They asked for the floors to be placed in three different settings: a kitchen, a bedroom and a living room. Time and budget restrictions did not allow the creation of full 3D sets. So instead I went for a combination of real life photographs and digital replacements of the floors. Therefore I needed to match the perspective of each photo in the 3D software first. Then I was able to create rough digital versions of the three sets. The original photographs were then projected back onto the 3d geometry. This was very important because I needed to get correct shadows and reflections of the environment onto the digital floors. So ultimately the lighting of the scene was the key to ensure the best possible integration of the digital floors with the real life photograph. As the photographs were selected and provided by the client I was not able to shoot HDRI-panoramas of the sets which I would normally had used to light the room. To achieve the desired degree of photorealism I had to reverse-engineer the original lighting situation using conventional light-types in the 3d software. This turned out to be a bit of a challenge but after a bit of experimenting I got it right (enough).
- Perspective matching
- 3D modeling
- 3D texturing
- 3D lighting
- 3D rendering
- 2D Compositing
- Maya
- Mental Ray
- Photoshop
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