Radio Flare Redux - Teaser "Pink" (2010)
Realization: Alexander Kvasnicka / Client: Studio Radiolaris
Teaser trailer for the iPhone game "Radio Flare Redux" by Studio Radiolaris. The teaser was intended to communicate the core mechanic of the game - fast paced sidescrolling where the action syncs to the music. So the synchronisation of music and visuals was key here. The blocks on the border of the screen are the actual waveform of the music track for example. The most difficult part was to animate the pumping circle so that it looks like moved by a finger... hand animation always looked awkward. So I ended up blocking the animation and filming my actual finger while it moved around on the screen while it played. Afterwards I was able to position track the movement of the fingertip and feed it back into my project.
- Idea & concept
- Visual effects
- 3D rendering
- 2D animation
- Compositing
- Maya
- After Effects
- Photoshop
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