Radio Flare Redux - Teaser "Space Jump" (2010)
Realization: Alexander Kvasnicka / Client: Studio Radiolaris
The second teaser trailer for the iPhone game "Radio Flare Redux" by Studio Radiolaris. As budget was tight, the royalty free NASA footage came in handy and I took some liberties and sent Buzz Aldrin on a psychadelic trip trough space. In the first part my task was mostly replacing or adding certain elements to the vintage footage so it looked more futuristic. The second part of the teaser features gameplay clips that convey the action and musical aspects of the game.
- Idea & concept
- 3D modeling
- 3D texturing
- 3D lighting
- 3D animation
- 3D rendering
- 2D animation
- Compositing
- Video editing
- Maya
- After Effects
- Premiere
- Photoshop
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