HoHo Vienna
VR Experience, 2016
Production Company: VRisch / Agency: Az W / Client: HoHo Wien
Look Development, Realtime 3D Assets
Project Description
Vrisch was tasked to realize a room-scale VR tour through three areas of a wooden high-rise that was still in the planning stage. I was responsible for the 3D asset creation of the main buildings, the environment and the room interiors. The main challenge was to achieve rendering quality of traditional, pre-rendered archviz in a virtual environment, where visitors are able to move and look around freely. This meant a lot of time was spent on optimizing and preparing the provided architectural data and most of the ready-made 3D assets, as they were not designed for real-time applications. Other areas I was heavily involved in were the implementation of the 3D assets in the Unreal Engine itself, the creation of high quality, photorealistic materials and the lighting for the three different areas. Here the challenge was to find a lighting solution that worked for both, indoor and outdoor scenarios. This was especially tricky because we used Unreals Lightmass for light baking and it took us a week of fine-tuning and almost 30 iterations to get to the quality level we aimed for. In the end it was worth the effort and the customers were overwhelmed when they put on the VR headset and stepped into their soon-to-be-build structure for the first time.
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