Secrets of Raetikon - Release Trailer (2014)
Realization: Alexander Kvasnicka / Client: Broken Rules
Trailer for the videogame Secrets of Raetikon by Broken Rules. The idea was to convey the mood of the game and also hint at a deeper secret that is slowly befalling the peaceful landscapes of the Rateic Alps. Most of the footage was captured directly from the game in realtime. To give me more control over camera movement and to be able to trigger certain events manually, I was given a special version of the game. So I was able to visually convey the peacefulness that is disrupted by a certain event not only by editing, but also by the way I moved the camera. A few elements had to be replaces by hand animated material to better fit the music or sound effects - the activation of the machine for example.
- Idea & Concept
- Live capturing from game engine
- 2D animation
- Logo Animation
- Compositing
- Video & Sound editing
- After Effects
- Premiere
- Audition
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