Mobile VR Game, 2015
Client: E McNeill
Look Development, Realtime 3D Assets
Project Description
On this project I created ingame assets for Tactera, a mobile VR game that was developed by San Diego based E McNeill. The game was a submission for the 2015 Mobile VR Jam by Oculus. The idea was to create a fast paced realtime strategy game that has lots of units on screen at the same time. So the main challenge was to establish a workflow for ultra-low-poly assets that look and perfom good on the limited hardware of a mobile device. The units should be easily recognizeable even if they are many and very tiny. We ended up with a Tron-inspired wireframe look that really shows when you try the game with a VR device. The room on the other hand had to look as real as possible - that with a vertex limit of 2000 and no realtime lighting as it was too "expensive". So the only way to go was to create a high-poly version of the room with all the textures and lights in place. From there I created a low-poly version and baked all the material, light and shadow information into the textures. I'm really glad how the final assets tuned out, despite the limitations I had to work with.
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