Alexander Kvasnicka
p: +43 676 / 9358999
Professional Career
Since 2000 I am working in the fields of film, advertisement, architecture, videogames and lately in VR related projects as well. After a 2 year, work-related stay in Madrid I came back to Austria in 2006 to begin the social studies of new media and cyberanthropology. While studying, I worked part time as tutor and supervisor in the digital film and game courses of SAE Vienna. After graduating my studies, I picked up my former profession as freelance 3D-generalist and I am happily active in that line of work since then. During this time I worked on projects involving photorealistic architectural and product visualizations, holographic advertisements, 3D-mappings for live events and 3D-asset creation for videogames. In the last two years I increasingly worked on projects involving currently emerging virtual reality technologies.

My strengths as 3D-generalist lie in the areas of poly modeling (hard surface & organic), the optimization and retopology of high-poly and CAD data for realtime applications (including normal-generation and lightbaking), shading and texturing (also PBR), photorealistic and artistic rendering, rigging, non-character animation and dynamics. In addition to my 3D skills, I have experience in post production, compositing and editing as well as on site photography and filming. Also, my longtime experience as freelancer taught me self-organization and the handling of small-scale projects, lasting a few days, to mid-scale projects of several months, in close coordination with my clients.

Since July 2017 I am employed full-time as a Senior 3D Artist at in Vienna.

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